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Tee Lovers – Flat 400 Off when buying 5 t-shirts or more

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Tee Lovers – Flat 400 Off On Orders of 5 T-Shirts or more.


If you love Tees as much as we do, this offer would put a smile on your face. Use the above mentioned code to get flat 400 off on your order of 5 or more Tshirts only at athlizur.

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer entitles you to flat 400 off on your orders of 5 or more Tshirts.
  2. Code once used will not be re-usable.
  3. Products bought using the Cashback Credits can not be exchanged/returned
  4. Code is applicable only on products that are not on sale.
  5. More than one Coupons/Offers can not be clubbed together.
  6. All other Store Terms, Privacy Policy are applicable as and where they stand
  7. Athlizur reserves the right to cancel the contest without any prior notice
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Women’s T-Shirt

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Crop Tops

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Men’s T-Shirt

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Sports Bra

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Free delivery

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7 Days Easy Returns

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Trendy designs

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